Dr. Cunningham is the presumed creator of PT003 and a scientist that works for UNCC via kidnap.                          

Dr. Cunningham
Dr Cunningham


Star Warfare 2: Payback




Minor Character, Scientist, Captive of UNCC




Spiked hair, black jacket.



Who is he?

Dr. Cunningham is a background character in Star Warfare 2, since he only appears one time (in the intro of Star Warfare 2). Dr. Cunningham was abducted by the UNCC as he was one of the very few people key on the field of the mithril research, forcing his assumed creation, PT003 whom is the main character of Payback, to fight for the organization against the alien invaders


As Dr. Cunningham is a background, but presumably important character, it is unknown what role will he have in the future, if any.


  • He only appears one time at the introduction of Payback.
  • He is the only scientist known in the game so far.
  • He is the only non-combative character presented in the series, besides General Morgan. It can be assumed these two are not on amicable terms given the kidnap of Cunningham as orchestrated by Morgan in a attempt to coerce PT003.

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