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Double Rages

Difficulty: ★★★★★★★ (Tier 3)


In Double Rages, there are two Mantises, albeit with different color schemes. The alien wave takes place at the Fire in the Hole map. The initial wave is somewhat similar to Siegfried, with almost all units swarming along with two Mambulls. However, there are very few camping spots compared to Siegfried. As such, if you have extremely weak armor, the aliens will kill you instantly. For the Plasma Slugs, they can kill you in one hit if you are not paying attention. The wave also has a number of Black Mayflies, so watch out. The real challenge lies in killing the boss itself.

How the health is determined for bosses. After you finish the initial wave of aliens, the number of players entered the arena will determine the amount of health for any boss, but it is unclear by how much. So here are the estimates:

1 player entering the boss fight: Boss HP 100%

2 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 150%

3 players entering the boss fight: Boss HP 200%

Fighting Double Rages:

Double Rages' Attacks:

The two Mantises will use all of the moves that Wrath of Mantis used (in addition to scripted "team" moves), but at a much faster rate. They will be able to knock down a person multiple times if both are close enough.  

Each Mantis looks different: there's a greenish-blue one(like the one in Wrath of Mantis), and a purple-blue one. There will be a blue shield protecting the area that both of them are at, which deactivates, and the green one will come out and "play", while the purple one spectates while being protected.

As mentioned, it will use all of the moves in Wrath of Mantis, albeit doing considerably higher damage and using them a lot faster.

Be aware when the green Mantis flinches (is stunned) for the first time, the protected purple Mantis will begin using its various long-ranged attacks while you are still fending off the green one. Once you have taken out about 2/3 of the green Mantis's HP, the shield will once again deactivate and the purple counterpart will attack as the first Mantis does.

The Mantises will occasionally use scripted team moves while they are both still alive: after settling into specific spots at opposite sides of the arena, they can simultaneously launch five energy waves instead of their usual three, and they can also fire lasers that cover the entire perimeter of the map.

The green Mantis appears to have significantly more HP than the purple counterpart. If you kill one of them, the other Mantis will cloak itself in a hexagonal shield shortly afterward, which massively reduces the damage it takes from all attacks for a period of time. However, the shield can be avoided entirely if the second Mantis is killed within about two or three seconds of the first one before it manages to activate it.

Players are advised against using Assault Rifles or Shotguns, as they have low power or/and short range.


Gold Drops:

The gold the boss gives depends on how many players entered the boss room. Also, each time you kill a boss, the base gold amount will be cut in half the next time you kill him. For example, the Mantis drops 111,110 gold when killing him by yourself, but the next time you kill him you will only get 55,555 gold for killing him by yourself. These amounts I have posted are the amounts you will get for killing him for the first time of the day.

If you enter the boss stage with just yourself, the base amount you will get:

444,443 gold

If you enter the boss stage with one other player, the base amount you will get is: (This is 20% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

533,332 gold

If you enter the boss stage with two other players, the base amount you will get is: (This is 50% more gold than just killing him by yourself)

666,665 gold

Now multiply those numbers by 1.xx and replace the xx with the amount of "% gold" you have on your armor and backpack combined, which will give you how much gold you will earn for killing that boss with that amount of players.

Mithril Drops:

This boss has a chance to drop between 2-4 mithril. Note that all bosses have the same mithril drop rate, but each boss has a different amount they can drop. Also, each time you acquire any amount of mithril from any boss, the drop rate will decrease for that particular boss until 12 a.m. CDT when it resets.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Weapons: M-27B1 or NOVA-27 (or above)
  • Armor: Thunder or above (recommended minimum of 9 SPD and 20,000 HP)