Difficulty: ★★

Dead Eye is the second boss encountered in Star Warfare 2: Payback. It appears as a mix between an arachnid and a crustacean with the ability to shoot and use plasma lasers at the opponent.

Boss Attacks

Note that only the attacks found in Mutant Mode have official names. The remaining names of the boss attacks are purely conjectural, and will not be replaced until they are given official names.

Boss Wings: Dead Eye shoots out two beams of lasers at the opponent that cross each other diagonally.

Sprint: Dead Eye charges extremely fast at the opponent dealing damage and knocking them up.

Accumulative Cannon: Dead Eye pauses for a moment and charges a huge laser beam that deals massive damage.

Super Swipe: Dead Eye attacks his moment with his claws about 4 times and stuns the opponent each time.

Laser web: Dead Eye puts himself in a upside down position in the top of the arena and makes the whole room tiled with lasers. Soon after they will damage the player if he/she is on the lasers.If the player moves between the lasers, it will not damage the player.

Multi Laser: Dead Eye puts himself in a upside down position again and shoots multiple lasers that move forward.

Vision: Dead Eye shoots multiple lasers from his eyes

Collapse Room: Dead Eye makes the room collapse, shooting rocks at the player dealing low-mediocre damage.

Laser Party: Dead Eye puts himself in a upside down position like so and randomly fires lasers that move in the corresponding direction.


Dead Eye is a very hard boss to deal with if you are low tiered. The boss deals huge damage and will require a high tier of armor and a lot of good weapons to be killed. Dead Eye can attack very fast and the second he gets to attack you he will combo you and take out a huge portion of your health. Dead Eye is a very strong boss but doesn't have much HP. Dead Eye's main burst comes from his Accumulative Cannon where when he channels and you directly go into his Accumulative Cannon it could be lethal to even a full hp Neon. When Dead Eye has lower health he will usually move fast in a direction and attach himself to the top of the arena. He will unlock many more attacks when he attaches himself so it is recommended that during this you equip a speed bonus weapon instead of firing or you can take a huge portion of your life away. Whenever Dead Eye pauses immediately change your weapon to a speed bonus type of weapon or else you may not have enough HP to sustain the fight after that.



  • Normal: GoldIconSW2 30,000+
  • Heroic: GoldIconSW2 90,000+
  • Note: Amount of Gold can be influenced through people playing and or Gold potions/2x Daily Boss Rewards.


Armor and Weapons

Recommended Weapon: Shotguns because they can eventually kill the boss in a short time. The HolyStinger is most recommended.

Railguns are also recommended because of its high damage. However, it can only be unlocked after finishing Heroic Stage 1. Making it both costly and late for new players.

Recommended Armor: Neon or Eagle.

And always take potions to this boss battle. They are prior to defeating the boss if you are unable to.

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