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Damage modifiers are elements within the game's physics which will multiply the damage dealt or taken by a given factor under certain circumstances. Damage modifiers may be permanent bonuses granted by an equipment's bonuses, or they may be temporary bonuses which can be invoked by activating an ability or using a consumable item. Offensive damage multipliers are separate from the power bonuses commonly found on armour and backpack components, and are commonly misconstrued to add to the power bonuses when they in fact multiply power bonuses alongside a weapon's base power. See the Damage Bonus page for further details.

Permanent Damage Modifiers

Armor Bonuses



Backpack Bonuses


  • SPD-005-a: Shotgun damage output x 1.3 (all the other weapon damage output x 0.9)
  • Blade-master: Melee weapon damage output x 1.4


  • TT-05-b: All damage taken x 0.8
  • Visnu: All damage taken x 0.8 (team bonus)

Temporary Damage Modifiers

Armor Abilities


  • Thunder Armor: Damage output x 1.5 (10 second duration, 30 second recharge)


  • Andromedae Armor: All damage taken x 0.7 (15 second duration, 120 second cooldown)

Backpack Abilities


  • TRI-O-AVATAR: All damage taken x 0.15 (5 second duration, 40 second cooldown)

Consumable Items


  • Hyper Clip: Damage output x 2.0 (30 second duration)


  • Force Shield: All damage taken x 0.5 (30 second duration)

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