Crazy Carnial Scenary

Crazy Carnival

Difficulty: ★★★★★★★

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Crazy Carnival is an end-game map to date, added in the 2.70 update. The boss Xmas Surprise's initial wave takes place here. It includes 5 levels and one infinite level, as with the other survival matches. Aliens are deemed tougher here.

This map is currently very new, thus experiencing a lot of glitches. If you do find a glitch that may be used to gain advantages against fellow players, please do not spread it to others and exploit it in public matches; it is best to keep it to yourself. 


It is possible that this carnival was destroyed by the aliens when they entered the planet. Fallen trees, abandoned rides and abandoned facilities can be used as camping spots. At the boss area, there are more fallen trees and destroyed equipment. There is one area behind a Christmas tree that can protect you against all attacks (save the Homing Missiles) if Xmas Surprise is moving directly towards you from north of that location. It appears as a Christmas type of carnival that is held annually.

Camping Spots

There are few places, that are good for camping:

1. Snowball

This can be found in the north of the Snow crate, near the toppled Christmas trees, which the player can get on top of. Beware of aliens with ranged capabilities, like the Tacorlion , Black Mayfly , and Plasma Slug. But it is also known that the Stalker, because of its agility, can jump onto the ball.

2. Snow Crate

This can be found near the Snow Ball and toppled Christmas trees. Danger is imminent here, too, due to the risk of a Black Mayfly attacking you from above and Plasma Slugs dropping their payload. It is best to watch your flanks.


No new enemies are introduced here, Just that they are the toughest out of any other map and almost similar in terms of difficulty as Stadium Arcadium

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Armors

  • Thunder Armor and above. (armors with good movement speed are favourable here)

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