901st Screaming Siegfrieds

901st Screaming Siegfrieds

Motto: The shock wave is coming, and we have seen the fall.

Clan Background Info: An elite multi-mission special forces team. Allegiance is to the United Human Alliance.


Uniforms: Perseus, Knight

Commander: Armando Commando (General Jagdtanker)

Multiple Clan Memberships: Members requesting dual citizenship will be admitted to Task Force Omega

Member list:


Criteria: Aspiring members must be at least rank 9

Alliances: None

Identification Tag: [901SS]


StarWarFare Troopers

StarWarFare Trooper

  • Motto: Determination and Dedication Will Get Us To The Aliens Annihilation
  • Additional info: You can chat with me and see if you are qualified to be a member but you have to be dedicated. Contact me: The Pure Fighter if you want to join. :)
  • Uniforms : None
  • Background info: This clan helps new players progress through the game as well as assisting fellow veterans.We specialize in PvP and in PvE.

PvP: We defend New people from those who hunt them down to make a quick kill.

PvE: We help New people through killing the boss allowing them to rank up and progess through out the game.

  • Founder: StarWarFare Trooper
  • Owner: The Pure Fighter
  • Multiple Clan Memberships: 2 other clans only
  • Members : here
  • Identification tag: (SWT)
  • Allies : STARWARRIORS and Railgun Syndicate
  • How To Join : You will have to recite the oath and do a boss with someone in SWT. The person will dress as a noob and act like one. You will have to protect them and not let them die. If they die, you dont pass.If they don't die when the boss is dead, you passed, and will able to wear (SWT). :)
  • Oath : "I will honor the duty of protecting people.I will not forget what i must do.You will do all to protect them."

StarWarFare Troopers Clan Photo

(SWT) Clan Photo

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