This page lists instructions on how to create and edit the clan templates shown on the Clans and info page.

Creating and controlling your clan template

  1. Create a blog which will contain the content of your clan template. You should name the blog appropriately (most people use the name of their clan or their clan tag).
  2. Use Template:Clanbox to generate the template in your blog. To do this from Visual Editor mode, click "Add other templates", and then type the name of the template you want to use. To do this from source mode, the easiest way is to click on one of the above links, and then to copy-paste the example coding in the documentation.
  3. Line breaks can be inserted using the code <br/>
  4. If you need additional pages which will be linked in your clan template (e.g. a Member List or Test Requirements), they should also be created as blogs rather than full pages.
  5. Slideshows and galleries can be inserted into the clan template if desired -- the gallery should be inserted using the "image" field.
  6. If your clan template is currently displayed on the Clans and info page, you can change its appearance and edit its text by editing the blog containing your clan template.

Technical Instructions (mainly for admins)

To make a user's clan template appear on the Clans and info page, type the following:

{{User blog:username/name of blog}}

This is the same type of programming as template coding.