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Star Warfare has not yet added clans so we will make them online. This page will list names and site links. When adding a site, a clan must have the following requirements.

  • Clan Name
  • Member list/GC usernames
  • Events board
  • Relevant Stats
  • Ranks/Experience
  • Any material from this Wiki must be fully referenced and credited
  • The clan leader or a designated administrator must have a wikia account for communication

Clans need to be approved prior to having their clan templates displayed on this page -- requests for approval should be submitted via Board:Community Voting. Instructions for managing page templates (both for users and admins) can be found at Clans and info/Clan template instructions.

Please note: prospective clan founders should be active members of this wiki prior to forming a clan on this page (about 100 edits to this wiki). Please don't join just to make a clan.

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