This is about the Bosses' AI (artificial intelligence) and moves. Each boss has a slightly different intelligence.

Wrath of Mantis-

Mantis Laser

An example of one of Mantis's attacks.

Wrath of Mantis's AI is very simple. When you enter the match, it will start off with a Corkscrew Spin. Then it will fire off different attacks. You will know when it uses Laser Beam by the charging up sound and the blue glow of his mouth. When it uses Tri Wave, it will raise its back and swipe the air. When it uses Ground Stab, it will walk towards you and swipe it's claw at you. When it uses Air Stab, it will fly towards you and swipe at you, similar to the Ground Stab.

When it uses Boomerang Buzzsaws, it will raise its back, cross-swipe the air, and launch 2 Boomerang Buzzsaws.

Poison Pit-

Poison Pit Boss Starwarfare

Poison Pit getting ready to perform Claw Swipe.

Poison Pit has a random attack when you enter the boss battle. When it uses Acid Bomb, it will screech and launch the Acid Bomb. When it uses Acid Spray, it will screech and launch multiple Acid Bombs at once. When it uses Spider Rush, it will lower its head and charge towards you. When it uses Ground Pound it will launch itself up into the air and crush you if you are under it. When it uses Claw Swipe it will walk towards you and swipe its claw at you.


Siegfried aura


When you enter the boss battle, Siegfried will let out a roar, then use its Flying Charge at you. When it uses Meteor Smash, it will snarl and fire off 5 meteors at you. When it uses Meteor Shower, it will fly up and fire 1 meteor at you. When it uses Lunge, it will walk towards you and bite you. When it uses Fire Breath, it will walk towards you in the same way at Lunge, but will breathe fire on you. When it uses Razing Flames, it will fly towards you and breathe fire, similar to Fire Breath. When it uses Flaming Claw, it will launch itself a large distance and hit you with its horn.

Double Rages-

As soon as you begin battling, you will see both Mantises in the shield far above you. The Green Mantis will come out with a Corkscrew Spin. After that, it will most likely do some Air Stabs, along with a few Laser Beams. The Green Mantis will also drop onto the ground as you drain its life; this is the point when the Purple Mantis will start attacking you from the shield. Once you have depleted most of the Green Mantis's HP, the Purple Mantis will fly out of the shield. The two Mantises will usually get back to back, and perform several attacks in unison, each covering half of the battlefield. If you focus on one Mantis for most of the time, and kill it, the other Mantis will have a hexagonal shield that reduces the damage done to it (majorly; the Mantis will negate around 75% of the damage) for a period of time. If you kill both and even out their HP, the hexagonal shield won't be a problem.

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