Banished Battlefield is a map that appears in Chapter I. It is first seen on Stage 1-1 and also looks similiar to the PvP map "Sand". The Banished Battlefield only appears through Stages 1-1 - 1-6 and is a straight forward map. It is the first map anyone will encounter (if they enter the first stage instead of going straight to PvP) The Banished Battlefield appears as a UNCC military HQ in the middle of the desert with destroyed structures, a lot of sand, and large mountains/cliffs in the background. There is also lighting in the background and the map is usually best viewed with Glow on. From the appearance of the map it appears to be a abandoned UNCC lab. Double-barreled Anti-Aircraft emplacements and treaded tanks can be seen overlooking the open battlefield from the edge of the cliffs.

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