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Air crash

Air Crash

Air Crash is a small PvP map that takes place on a helicopter landing pad. The map features a small enclosed building, an underground passageway spanning across half the map, and a two-level concrete structure with no outer walls which can be accessed via a ramp.

Spawn Locations

The blue team will spawn at the southwest corner of the map, near a small ramp and the mouth of an underground tunnel.

The pink team will spawn under the second story building.

Recommended Weapons

Grenade Launchers- Useful for drawing out opponents behind cover.

Machine Guns- Great for fighting in the open parts of the map.

Laser Guns- Useful for fighting at all ranges while maintaining good movement speed.

Plasma- Useful for drawing out opponents behind cover.

Sniper Rifles- Also highly recommended since there aren't many places where you can camp.

Camping Spots

Some of the camping spots in this map are:

  • Downstairs
  • Inside the building, there is wall where you can hide
  • Upstairs you can stand at the last wall with short weapon
  • Inside the building, there are many objects you can hide in
  • Behind the building, there is a small alley you can go through
  • At the last corner in your west, there are blocks go inside it use your advantage
  • Under the ramp behind some boxes, you can snipe people going up the ramp